Friday, 10 August 2012


Last weekend, me and Liz went along to the wedding of two of our friends from uni.

We had a lovely time, with my dad driving us down and looking after Kaleb during the day. The service was nice, some interesting music played throughout. I wondered when the lords prayer had changed from old English to modern English. The bride looked lovely, and the groom was calm enough at the start to give me a hug.

We then went over to the reception venue, giving Kaleb a feed before dad took him to butlins nearby the visit his uncle who was holidaying there. I had an interesting kiwi drink before going into the dining area for dinner. Food was tasty, particularly the home made ice cream. Plus it was nice to have an un-interupted meal, which has reduced for us somewhat since Kaleb was born.

After the meal and speeches, dad had come back with Kaleb wanting a feed, and not happy with the bottle we left for him. We then brought him in to see everyone while the music started, and he became as popular as ever. The groom likes it when babies grip onto your fingers, and got accused of being broody.

We stayed a bit longer, having a little dance, before getting ready to head back. Saying our goodbyes to everyone, we fed kleb before driving off home. I heard YMCA playing before we left and was almost tempted to run back to dance along, but we were just about to leave and had a long drive ahead of us. All in all, a very enjoyable day, and I wish all he best to the new couple

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