Friday, 10 August 2012

The land of nod

One of the common themes or memes about having kids is the lack of sleep parents get. Another is how horrible it is to change nappies (it isn't), but that's another topic.

I get the feeling that, if this child induced lack of sleep is as bad as is made out, we have been very lucky with Kaleb not keeping us up too often. I think the worst we've had is a few nights where he woke up in the middle thereof and didn't sleep again for an hour or so, but that is rare in comparison to a 'usual' night.

Within the last month, he started to only wake once after midnight for a feed before the morning. For a while, this was sleeping through till 5, but a couple of nights he woke at 2 instead (before having a long sleep, past 5).

The timing of this one walk in the night seemed to spend on when his last evening feed was, so we started aiming to ensure he had a fairly late feed, a bit after 11, which would usually last him till 5.

For the last three nights, however, he has had his late feed as usual, but slept through till the next morning, waking around the time I get up for work. This has given us a solid six or seven hours sleep through he night, which we are pretty grateful for. Here's us hoping he continues to let us have some sleep too for the future to come :-)

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