Thursday, 13 September 2012


I actually got to do a M13 draft the other week. We took Kaleb along to Hemel with us, to see everyone again and when we were about to start drafting, Kaleb had almost finished feeding, so we waiting so Liz cold join in too - she hadn't the last time we went with Kaleb.

As he was still awake, I conduced the draft with him on my lap, with seemed to go well, he just sat there chewing his hand as he often does. My first pick was the new Liliana planeswalker, which I took quite happily and went to get as many other black cards as I could. I had a choice between Cower in Fear and the black ring fourth pick, taking the ring, which I think was the right choice.

I hadn't finalised on a second colour in the first pack, but stared to move into green.

I built the deck fairly quickly, it had a pretty low curve but some nice finishers. Kaleb had started to get fractious by this point so my first round opponent kindly sleeved and shuffled my deck.

I won the first match and lost the next two,all the time having some very close games. I won a couple by casting Sign in Blood targeting an opponent at two life :-)

In all, I had a fun time,and it was great to see everyone again. The set is fun to play,and even has some hidden complexity for a core set. I once cast Rise from the grave on my green "Serra Spider", and started getting the bonus from the black ring because it was also black now.