Saturday, 25 August 2012

Things are going swimmingly

I took some time off on both sides of this bank holiday weekend, partially to spend more time with Kaleb, and partially to get as much unpacking done as we can.

So far, its going well. We've put a couple of bits away somewhere instead of just shuffling boxes around, and the conservatory has more room to walk around in which is nice.

We took Kaleb swimming too for the first time, as the designated baby/parent session is during the day while I'm usually at work. It took a little pre planning (mainly ensuring Kaleb had a feed an hour before we went in), but we got there in time for the start of the session, and slowly took him into the water.

Holding him, I sat down in the shallow end so his feet got submerged, then shuffled along until he got further underwater himself. His reaction was fairly neutral throughout. He didn't giggle and smile, but didn't cry at all either, so at least he doesn't hate it. I got him floating too; holding his head and bum, letting him lie on the water, then let go of his bum so that floated and I only held his head. Right before we got out, I let go of both for a moment so e could float on his own. A fairly successful session, the only crying I can remember was when we tied to dress him afterwards.

The second day was also swimming. It started earlier (and we woke up later) so we got there at the end of the session (it is general swim after so it didn't matter). Kaleb was more active this time, kicking his legs as I held his head so he could float. It did mean that he dunked his head under when I tried to get him to float on his own, but he was fine after a little cough and a cuddle (the latter being probably unnecessary as he didn't seem bothered by it at all). We got a couple of smiles out of him too.

Hopefully we'll be able to go swimming with him more often, we may have to find some time when i can come along too around work, probably in the general swim session.

I did spend the last two days thinking it is the weekend, so it is nice to have it only just starting. I think we'll be able to focus on unpacking a lot more now, and hopefully make some more good progress.