Wednesday, 1 August 2012


As Kaleb turned two months, we took him along to the doctors to get his injections. He had two at the hospital, the first being a Vitamin K injection just after he was born (the first time he cried actually), and the second time was a BCG injection (he didn't cry that time). So going into the doctors, his reaction could go either way. 

I went during my lunch at work, meeting Liz on the way, Liz wanted me there because she doesn't like injections herself so didn't want to hold Kaleb when he got his. We had dressed Kaleb in tshirt and trousers so it would be easier to get him ready. 

I had him sitting on my lap, facing forward when he got the first injection. This one did make him cry, but I held onto him to keep him still so the second one could be done. Luckily they were both ready at the same time so the second one happened just after (Kaleb was still crying, so I don't know if he noticed the second one). 

After that, he got some cotton wool taped over the points (at least one had a drop of blood coming out), and I picked him up and gave him a cuddle for a minute or so until he calmed down. We sat outside in the waiting area for a little while (they said to wait around a bit in case if had a bad reaction to it) before heading home. 

The next day, I went to take the tape off his legs. I started slowly and he didn't seem too bothered by it, but I was worried he would cry if it continued that slowly so took it off quickly in one go. He didn't like that and cried out a little bit, so I went to take the second one off slowly again. He was still crying a little during this, but didn't seem to react to the second one, so I think in the future I'll just peel of plasters and similar slowly, hopefully he'll be fine with that. 

But the positive outcome of all of this is that Kaleb is now protected against more stuff, hooray :-)

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