Thursday, 19 June 2014

Evelyn Growing

Evelyn has been growing already. She's gone up two nappy sizes since she was born, although when we started putting her in the reusable nappies they looked so tiny compared to the ones Kaleb wears! We have had an initial go through of the clothes she wears to take out ones that she has grown out of already. 

She has had two lots of her jabs so far. As expected, she cried at them, but seemed to calm down quite quickly afterwards which is nice. After the second lot, Liz had an evening out with work colleagues and had left me and my mum with Kaleb and Evelyn, who wasn't that interested in having any bottled milk. We think this was due to either still being grumpy from her jabs, or being too hot as it was very, very hot weather then. 

I fed her twice this week and she had no problems with it, so things are looking good for me looking after her tomorrow while Liz has a KIT day at work. I'm planning on taking her swimming for the first time tomorrow morning; Kaleb will be in nursery so we can see what she thinks of it. I am expecting her to not like it that much as we gave her a bath today and she did not like it at all. I have been meaning to take Kaleb swimming at some point too, hopefully we'll find some time to all go, although we have a lot to sort out around the house. 

We're planning on painting Evelyn's room before she moved into it. My Dad has got my old cot down from the loft for her to use, so we just need to look for a new mattress. 

Conspiracy Draft

I went along to a Conspiracy draft a few weeks ago - it was a fun event. I didn't see many of the special draft cards, but ended up getting an interesting black green deck. When we went to our multiplayer game, I was sat next to another black green player. The early game consisted of me playing a Runed Servitor, an opponent playing Grudge Keeper, and the next opponent also playing a Grudge Keeper... So possible to lose life regardless of which choices were made while voting. 

I threw around a lot of damage in the mid game with a Pelakka Wurm equipped with a Fireshrieker, and then moved it over to a Spiritmonger when it died. At one point I sacrificed a Sakura-Tribe Elder to allow me to get extra wolves from Predator's Howl due to morbid. 

With a lot of creatures on board (a lot of tokens too), the game was starting to stall. I was running low on cards (so didn't want to play my Skeletal Scrying) so instead made a massive attack to try and end the game. With a lot of creatures dead, I cast Assasinate on a Magister of Worth I had enchanted with an Unhallowed Pact, so got to bring it back. This caused me to lose due to direct damage, but the game did end quite soon after, so I was partially successful. 

I'm hoping I will be able to play it again sometime as it was a fun game.