Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mixing Scrum and Kanban (Scrumban)

At my previous job, my team was part of a pilot to switch over to an Agile methodology for development. It was generally successful so we continued doing it after the pilot had ended. We started with Scrum, and did Kanban when needed, and ended up merging the two into a sort of "Scrumban" process. This was just based on our experience with the two processes as a team, and not based of any official sort of Scrumban process. 

Unexpected output: strtok

I was reading up on the differences between Java and C++ (as I have used the former the most recently and wouldn't want to wonder why declaring an array in the Java way in a C++ file was causing errors in a side project I'm working on). 

One of the things pointed out was to read up on the strtok function (splitting up a String into tokens based on a delimiter) as it works quite differently than how it works in Java. So I read through it that evening - it does work very differently, so if I have to use it I need to remember to be careful when doing so. 

The next day I looked at my laptop and found this:

Tokens everywhere! Something must have gone wrong...

(My son had found a pile of Magic: The Gathering tokens and decided they needed moving)

CV Update

I had to update my CV last month after being made redundant from my previous job. As I got the job after impressing them during my placement year while at University, my most recent CV was from the middle of my second year at University, essentially necessitating a rewrite. What I would have had on it previously (my GCSEs and A-Levels) has now been reduced to two lines as the rest of my professional career is taking up the rest of the space.