Saturday, 27 August 2011

UBr Draw/Discard casual deck update

When I was last looking at my old casual decks, I said I would update them if possible, and I have done, albeit very slightly. 

This is an update on the Black/Blue/Red draw-discard based deck, build around Underworld Dreams and Megrim

I think in the end I only changed a handful of cards (8 or so perhaps), and switched a basic land around with another one to try and re-balance the land base again. 

As its a casual deck, only the 'core' focus of the deck has 4 (or close to) cards, with most of the other ones as one-of's to increase randomness (and fun! :D)

The main inclusion was Liliana's Caress, which is a cheaper version of Megrim. Not really much to say about it, apart from I should try and get my hands on some more...

I did remove a Wheel of Fate, as it can be a little slow, although the affect is very powerful, so I left one in. The kind-of replacements were Burning Inquiry and Chandra Ablaze, the first being a lesser affect that is harder to play around (no suspend), but has less upside for the opponent (with Wheel, they end up with 7 cards). Chandra has a repeatable effect of a half Wheel, I don't think the top ability is really useful in the deck, maybe if I have a red card I want to trade for some damage, but there aren't that many, so it won't come up too often (the ultimate even less so). I just like finding a use for one of the 'worst' planeswalkers ;) Jace's Archivist also fills this role, with an interesting repeatable ability, that can be very handy in multiplayer games. 

Psychosis Crawler was added a a 'fifth' Underworld Dreams. Its a reverse version, and a creature, which is always handy, especially with all the draw effects in the deck. 

I'll hopefully be able to try it out at some point, to see how the changes work out. 

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