Monday, 29 August 2011

Lifegain deck update

After a look through a couple of recent sets, I found some cards to put into the first deck I made, a White lifegain deck (now with extra green). I initially singled out some of the cards I wanted to remove, then look for some replacements. 

3 x Angel's Feather - Not overly useful, only work on my spells (slightly better when the deck was all White)
Heroes Remembered - Whenever I cast it, it was either too late to have an effect, or I would suspend it and forget to take the counters off half the time, or it would have minimal effect in the grand scheme of things
Beacon of Immortality - Again, if I'm not doing that well, it doesn't help, and if I am, its "win more"
2 x Gift of Estates - Replaced these with land for fixing and because I might not always meet the conditions
Chastise - A nice effect, might consider brining it in again if I play a lot of decks with large creatures, but taking it out for now
Story Circle - Still got two in the deck, but cutting one as the deck is no longer mono white
Storm Herd - I think I have enough win conditions, so don't mind cutting one. Still nice when I do get to play one of the remaining ones though

4 x Suture Priest - A variant on the classic Soul Warden, I get less life overall, but it also has way to kill opponents built in, which is nice
2 x Ajani's Pridemate - Can get big, particularly as all of the lifegain triggers resolve separately :D
2 x Terramorphic Expanse - Mana fixing, and more land to cast the more expensive spells
Serra Ascendant - A possible win condition, and one I can cast early on! Win-win!
White Sun's Zenith - Kitties! :D

Here is the deck overall:

The main difference is an increase in creature count, which means I'll be more likely to trigger my own lifegain triggers, and have something to attack and block with if needed. There are also some cheaper ones that can act as a win condition on their own, which means I don't have to wait around until I have a huge amount of lands to play something. 

I'll see whether the changes are worth it or not the next time I play, hopefully it will be a bit more consistent.