Sunday, 14 August 2011

Old casual Magic decks

I have been sorting out my Magic card collection and came across some old casual decks I used to play, and thought I would have a look at a few and update some, ready for whenever I get a chance to play casually with friends again. 

The deck I am going to look at first is a UBR draw-discard deck, based around Underworld Dreams and Megrim. Not a participially powerful deck, but fun to put together (and a somewhat popular deck choice as at least one other person I know made a similar one first). 

The first thing that I can think of that needs updating is to put in the new Megrim - Liliana's Caress,  probably in addition to the Megrims already there. Other cards I have in mind are Psychosic Crawler, Jace's Archivist and Burning Inquiry

I'll hopefully have another post soon with an updated list (half the reason for this post is so I can check out this online deck building tool). 

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  1. Looking at the cards in it, I can conclude that the last time I updated the deck was Shards of Alara (I think). Basically, any updates will mostly come from current (as of August 2011) Standard, so that's what I'm having a look at.

    Cards I've found that might be interesting so far:

    Caress of Phyrexia - an upgrade of Sign in Blood really

    Chandra Ablaze - Has sometimes been dubed "Worse Planeswalker", so very tempting to put one in for a laugh :D The second ability looks particularly useful, and I can do it twice in a row since playing it

    Guul Draz Specter - Might be useful as a common problem with Megrim decks is your opponents run out of cards to discard (which is why there are Howling Mine effects, and draw/discard at once), so with this, if they have run out of cards, I can just beat down

    Jace Beleren - For a while I didn't have any, but I have managed to get my hands on a few by chance recently (drafting them I think). Might be interesting to include one or two.

    Jace's Archivist - I've mentioned this I think, nice repeatable effect, particularly in multiplayer (which is what I usually play when playing casual)

    Liliana's Caress - I have mentioned this, stright upgrade of Megrim

    Liliana's Specter - Could be worth looking into as its "each opponent" which is nice

    Mindculling - Bit pricey for the effect, there was a more powerful version printed in Planar Chaos I think, which my friend does have in the version he made of this deck before I made it (and I have died to it many a time)

    Molten Psyche - Looks like a good effect for the deck, like a one shot Teferi's Puzzle Box

    Painful Quandary - Quite harsh, should see if I have one lying around, although I suspect not

    Quest for the Nihil Stone - Again, very useful, but I can't remember if I still have one or not

    Sangromancer - A nice effect, although seems to just keep me alive a bit more as opposed to killing off my opponents.

    Serum Raker - Could prevent people from wanting to attack me, which, as a somewhat creature light deck, is useful

    Smallpox - Useful abilities all tied into one card (I am creature light so less effected by the creature sacrifice, but have a slightly fragile mana base so the land sacrifice might not be the best idea)

    Time Reversal - Might be amusing, and finding a way to actually use this card