Sunday, 14 August 2011

Old casual Magic decks

I have been sorting out my Magic card collection and came across some old casual decks I used to play, and thought I would have a look at a few and update some, ready for whenever I get a chance to play casually with friends again. 

The deck I am going to look at first is a UBR draw-discard deck, based around Underworld Dreams and Megrim. Not a participially powerful deck, but fun to put together (and a somewhat popular deck choice as at least one other person I know made a similar one first). 

The first thing that I can think of that needs updating is to put in the new Megrim - Liliana's Caress,  probably in addition to the Megrims already there. Other cards I have in mind are Psychosic Crawler, Jace's Archivist and Burning Inquiry

I'll hopefully have another post soon with an updated list (half the reason for this post is so I can check out this online deck building tool).