Thursday, 2 December 2010


It took a while, but we eventually got around to handing in details to be registered at the local doctors. We'd had the paperwork for a while, but seemed to have trouble getting it to the building. We finally got around to it a few weeks ago though, and set up some appointments (general check-ups as we're new to the place). 

Mine was initially rescheduled (I was called on the day and told the person I would be seeing wasn't in that day, so changed the day), and I went to the rescheduled one the other day. My answer to most of the questions was no (no allergies, never smoked, no knowledge of history of various things), leaving the person doing it to comment that I was 'too healthy' which made me chuckle. Was told to think about watching my salt intake, which is probably good advice in general I think. Got a handy booklet, apparently its down as sodium on some packets, which is worse get gram (I think). I suspect that if something says sodium instead of salt, it has a lot of it, but need to start actually looking at food labels in order to confirm this hypothesis. 

At the same time, I seem to have caught whatever illness Liz had two weeks prior. Think I need to sleep more, but can't seem to manage a full night without waking up half way through for one reason or another. Managed to doze off today for a while; head hurt a bit so didn't think I would manage to get to sleep properly, but the next thing I know an hour has gone by and its a lot darker outside. Have had trouble breathing through my nose, and it hurts a but from me rubbing it too much. For a while I felt like I wanted to sneeze all the time, but never could. Very odd. 

Actually had something that's almost medicine today; some TESCO lemon powder in hot water. I usually let my body handle it (build up my immune system etc.), but Liz recommended it so thought I would give it a try. 

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