Saturday, 1 January 2011


2010 is over, and thus starts 2011. For the first time in a fair few years, I've not got much of a year plan. Although for the last 5 years my next-year plan has been along the lines of finish current academic year and start a new academic year. Now I am working, I have no such plans apart from continue working. Will have to see where that takes me. 

Liz's Mum came to visit for Xmas again, I cooked some turkey dinner on Xmas eve, and we watched various Xmas specials together; Muppets Christmas Carol, Blackadder Christmas special and the Invader Zim Most Horrible Xmas Ever episode. 

For Christmas day, we went to my Dad's sister's house for dinner, got very full and thought about falling asleep on the sofa but resisted. Then went to my Mum's house in the evening and rested a bit there before falling asleep. The next morning, Liz went off to the Boxing Day sales, while I stayed in bed. Early afternoon saw another filling dinner, followed by watching a couple of things on the television. 

The next day, Liz and her mum got a lift to Luton from my mum, as they had a train to catch (Liz was heading to Lincoln for a few days to sort out her stuff there now we have a house to store it in). I got a lift from my dad a bit later on. The next few days I got some stuff done around the house, mainly setting things up, tiding and hoovering (which was long overdue). 

With all the various things that have come in boxes over the last week or so, we do now have quite a large pile of cardboard over by the back door, which should hopefully start clearing out soon. I also started to make a Yoda out of plaster (I had a kit a few months ago that I hadn't got around to using), so made the mixture, put it in the Yoda mould and waited for it to dry. Unfortunately, it had leaked out a bit and dried quite well as the mould was stuck in the cup holding it, so I couldn't get it out. I consulted a friend of mine who does character creation at my old Uni about tips on solving my stuck Yoda problem, and attacked it with a penknife which un-stuck it (huzzah!). Slight downside being that the main figure had broken off from the base, but a trip to get some glue put it together solved that. I have been slowly painting bits of it since (doing one colour at a time). 

New Years Eve
For New Years Eve, me and Liz had planned to stay in together, have some drinks and play some games (she got a Wii console in the sales). I found a bottle of Absinthe I hadn't had in a few months and had that (I've always found it tasty, but it was a lot tastier than I remembered). We played some Wii games, mostly the sports ones; trying them out as quite a lot were new (we had played with a friends console before, but a year or so ago). After getting tired from swinging around the controllers for a few hours, we watched a couple of bits of Top Gear on the iPlayer, and saw the New Year in together :)