Monday, 15 November 2010


Have slowly been unpacking since moving to Luton. I've been moving house at least once a year for the past five years while at Uni, so never really had a huge amount of stuff to unpack all at once, because I'd only have to pack it all up again a few months down the line. That and I'd usually only have one room to unpack into, limiting what I am able to bring along anyway. 

In Luton, me and Liz have a whole house between us, so more space than just one bedroom. Saying that, we have accumulated a lot of stuff between us, which is probably half the reason we are still yet to be completely unpacked. The other half, of course, being busy at work and not having as much time to unpack. 

Quite often, stuff seems to get moved around instead of completely unpacked. The silver lining to this is most of the time stuff gets moved, it gets sorted slightly first, so will either be moved to different places, or sent somewhere if it is not needed (the bin if we don't need it at all, or my Dad's loft if we would like to keep it but don't have anywhere to put it and don't need to use it for some time). 

We've also slowly been getting storage furniture units, shelves mainly, which gives us space to put stuff on. Got some 'modular' shelves from Argos which seem pretty good, should fit into the alcoves we've planned to put them into. Bigger (well, taller) than the other shelves we got in the flat last year (we have more room) which is nice. We got two, but have only put one up so far; currently it's holding cooking books and Absinthe glasses :D And if they work well, we might get some more of the same to put along an otherwise currently empty wall, for lots of shelving space. When planning this I realised that I'm still in the mindset of moving house once a year or so, opting to get these 'modular' units as, not only they are easy to move around and fit into places, but they'll also be easy to move when we move to a new house at some point in the future. 

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