Monday, 15 November 2010

Thesis results

I got the results from my Masters Thesis/project the other day; I got an A3, so very pleased at how well I did. I only got one other A3 (HCI) in my Masters, and with the rest of my modules I got A1's. 

Obviously I'm very happy with the result. The thesis was probably the harder of all of what I did during my Masters, but I'm glad I was able to get through it, and do so well. 

Doing so well in my Masters has gotten me thinking about the future, in theory it suggests that I should stick with academia, but in practice I am unlikely to be able to afford this in the immediate future, and I would like to get some practical experience in computing so, if/when I get back into academia (after doing a Masters the next logical step would be to do a PhD), I have some real-world experience I can draw on, and compare with the academic process. Seeing as I can't see this happening that soon, I shall keep coding away at work :D

I should probably start looking into the graduation ceremony... I think it is sometime in March 2011...