Sunday, 24 October 2010

End of the Masters

Have been quite busy since my last post, mainly focusing on my Masters thesis. Lots of writing and some last minute changes later, and it was gradually printing out ready to be handed in. Printing took a while (lots of appendix pages), but it was all eventually done and handed in (I handed it in on the original deadline as it had been pushed back a few days) on the same day I moved out of the Hatfield flat. 

Most of the move to Luton from Hatfield had already been done. I basically just had a few bags, leaving the empty flat to hand in my thesis and get some public transport to Luton. 

Liz had already started work and I had already been there a few times moving stuff and unpacking a few things, and as I wasn't going to start work for a few weeks, I had some time to settle in a little bit. Although, I would have to do this with no internet access; BT wouldn't give us access to the phone line for a random number of days because the last tenants hadn't told them they were moving, so we had to wait until they confirmed that they weren't still living there. Then, when the phone line did eventually get connected (I think I had started work at this point), we had to wait a while for O2 to sort themselves out. Finally, everything is connected, and possibly a little faster than when we were in Hatfield. So yay. My settling in with no internet mainly consisted of occasionally unpacking and watching a lot of old Doctor Who. I think I finished the first doctor, watched all of the second and just started the third by the time I had started work (and continued to watch occasionally in the evening once I started working before we got the internet back). Oh, I did have to do a presentation for my Masters half way through my settling in time. 

Started work about a month ago now, it's been OK. Obviously I much prefer the sleeping-in-till-late-morning way of working as a student, but I'm slowly getting over the waking up when its still a little bit dim. Luckily for me I have flexi-time so get up earlier than when I used to work there because Liz gets up early so I may as well get up instead of trying to sleep for a extra half hour or so. Plus, its nice leaving early enough in the day to still have some of the afternoon to relax. One bonus of working compared to being a student is the not-working when not at work (basically, working as a student I would work later into the evening and when relaxing later on be thinking "should I be working some more now?", now when not at work, I just relax). 

Still haven't completely unpacked yet. Slowly getting there. Turned out me and Liz have a lot more stuff than we might have originally thought. Luckily most of what is still to be unpacked is some piles of books and a few boxes, so it's almost done.