Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kaleb's second Snow

We had a little bit of snow recently, which was Kaleb's first ever experience with it. The recent snow now is the second time he has seen it, and it has certainly stuck around.

When it first started snowing and settling, we took him outside so he could experience it first hand. We wrapped him up in multiple layers and took him into our driveway where we sat him in the snow for a little bit.

He sat around smiling at us (although he does that a lot) but didn't interact with the snow that much. Probably due to all the layers as that might have restricted how much he could move, but I suspect he had noticed it was a little chilly too.

Apart from the one snow play outside, he has mostly been experiencing snow while in his buggy, I'm not sure if he's noticed that the ride isn't as smooth as usual, or just that it's particularly cold outside recently.

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