Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 (plus top 3 events)

Looking back on the previous year blog post, I can certainly say that 2012 was very different. Instead of having no plans, we had a couple of major things in mind and for the most part managed to keep to them. It certainly was an exciting year. 

As the year was fairly eventful, I'll list out the top three things:

Number three is work related; I got a promotion to senior engineer. I don't think I've been given any major additional responsibilities that I wasn't already doing, but it is a welcome change nonetheless. We started using agile at work (scrum), and I did a fortnight of being the scrum master while our usual one was away, which was interesting as it is an aspect of the job I hadn't done before. Only number three on my list, which kind of shows how well the year has gone. 

Brought a house - we're no longer renting and we have a little home to make our own for number one on the list. As we have been busy, there are still a couple of boxes we need to unpack.

Kaleb was born - my son, first grandchild (and great grandchild) to my parents/grandparents. It is crazy to think how much he has grown in these 7 months since he entered our lives. He has two little teeth poking through now, can mostly sit up on his own and is starting to eat normal food - a  big change from when he was first born and could only lie there. 

It is a joy to spend time with Kaleb, he is always so happy and already is starting to develop his own little personality. 
Liz has been on maternity leave since May, but has still visited her work occasionally and done a couple of shifts so everything is less of a shock when she goes back. 

While most of my 2012 was a great year, there were also sad moments too; notably my great uncle Pip died, who will be missed. My brother also lost his job (or should that be lost his company - he worked at Comet before they closed down). 

I don't think we have anything as life changing planned for 2013, so, while it will be a busy year, it may not be as busy as the year just gone. Liz will be going back to work, so Kaleb will be spending a day at a nursery, and a day with me on Saturdays, which will be a big change for him, and a fairly big change for me. 

We will also have Kaleb's first birthday to plan, and we should be having a little holiday in the summer. 

Of the things I'm thinking about doing in this coming year, I think I want to blog a little more than I have been. I've understandably been busy with Kaleb, but could probably fit some more smaller blog posts in (instead of clusters of larger ones that I have been doing this year). 

I also want to take Kaleb swimming more; we've been a couple of times and it has been fun. I took him on my own the other day which was nice, and something I will hopefully continue doing when I look after him on my own on Saturdays when Liz goes back to work. 

Additionally, I want to see if I can get out to play Magic a little more than I have been - we've still gone out to play sometimes, but I think I can get a couple more events in if I plan ahead. 

Something I considered last year but didn't get around to it was doing something like Open Source coding, which is something I wouldn't mind helping out with if I get the same time (same with something like Code Club). Again, as I am fairly busy with Kaleb as it is, I won't be too bothered if I don't manage to do anything, but it is something that would be nice to do if possible. 

In any case, I expect 2013 to be enjoyable and look forward to continuing as I did in 2012. 

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