Friday, 10 February 2012

Updated Terravore deck

A while back I updated my Terravore deck, and had it sitting around for a while waiting to test it. Then a friend of mine came over for a bit, and we got to playing some Magic so I got to test it out. 

The deck is all based around the card Terravore, one I really like when I first saw online when I started playing Magic years ago. I decided I would build a deck around it, and when I eventually got some copies of the card, I did. 

New deck:

One of the larger changes was to the sideboard, so I can make better use of Living Wish. There are also some more land in the deck now, so I naturally draw more. There are some more interesting lands as well - Flagstones of Trokair for example, which is great to sacrifice to something! Added an extra creature-land as it is something else I can use for searching (either chump block then sacrifice to Land Tax or Knight of the Reliquary, or search for it itself with the Knight or Green Sun's Zenith). 

Riftstone Portal makes sense in the graveyard, so I don't mind sacrificing it to something, and two of the lands bounce, which allows me to get extra value out of lands that do something extra, like Khalni Garden (more tokens!). One of the better cards in the deck is Realms Uncharted - really good at finding good land cards, and it gets extra ones into my graveyard too, a really great fit for the deck.