Friday, 10 February 2012

Dark Ascension pre-release

Bit late for this posting now, but I've been busy. 

Went to the Dark Ascension pre-release in St Albans the other weekend - it was on a Sunday (so they had already run two the previous two days). I had donated some basic land cards as there was a message on the forum saying they were low and couldn't get hold of any land stations. Luckily I had a box of spare lands that I sent along to be used over the weekend. 

I got there a bit early and we waited around until the start, lining up to get the boosters and then we all opened them at the same time (I got mine towards the end of the line so didn't have to wait as long as others). 

I started with the Innistrad booster packs (there were three of each). Of note in them was a Geist of St Traft (the spirit that makes Angel tokens when it attacks). Opening the new boosters it turned out that in each of the three I opened the uncommon WU spirit lord. That with the Geist (who is a spirit) greatly hinted that I should play blue white. 

I put the deck together as WU, even though I only had one or two other spirits and it looked alright as a deck. I made a spare aggro deck with red and green, just in case it didn't go as well. 

The first game was against another WU deck, so of course it took ages. That is blue for you I guess... Liz popped in on her way to work while I was playing this match as she had brought some snacks for me so I could eat something if I got hungry. 

In the first game, it was an attrition war with fliers mainly. I had some trouble with their first striking flier, but I had two spirit lords out so they had issues trying to do anything to my creatures (who had hexproof, with the lords granting it to each other). I missed a trick when they pumped their flier so it went over 4 power - I should have killed it but I forgot I had the Smite the Monstrous in hand.   Towards the end of the game, I had attacked with one of my spirits so it was tapped, they attacked into something that looked like a good board to attack into (as I would lose one of my spirit lords if I blocked, but I Smited my own (tapped) spirit (2/2 pumped twice) and it came back with undying, able to block and survive, and giving me enough to attack and win with next turn. 

In the second match, my opponent went all in with a vampire that can sacrifice humans to get flying and bigger. This combined with the demon equipment was quite scary, but luckily I managed to get rid of their creatures so I could win. 

In the third match, my opponent had an aggressive deck and I was lucky that I drew all three spirit lords which scaled very well and won a turn before being overwhelmed. 

After that, I had won the tournament. As we only paid for the cost of the boosters I didn't think they were going to have prizes (I only went for the fun and to see the new set anyway), but they had some tucked away - I got some M12 and two new Dark Ascension boosters which I was very happy about. All in all, a fun afternoon!