Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fun with M11 Two Headed Giant

After a nice sleep in, me and Liz travelled into London for the M11 pre-release yesterday. As we had slept in a fair bit, we arrived in time for the Two Headed Giant, but no other events. Caught up with some people there while waiting for the event to start. The room had emptied a bit but that may have been because we arrived at about 4ish. 

When the event started, we sat down at our table and passed some some bags of boosters and papers. There was a sheet with a list of all the cards for us to write the numbers of cards we opened, so that was the first thing we did upon opening the packs; sorting them, then Liz wrote down the numbers while I looked through picking good cards to play. Overall, our pool was fairly mediocre, but there was still some fun stuff there. Blue seemed to have the least playables compared to the other colours, so we ruled that out early on. The next choice came with what colours to pair together, as it could go either way really. In the end, we put together a Red/Black deck for Liz, and I made a Green/White deck. Initially, I didn't play the Serra Ascendant at first because I was unaware of the recent 2HG rules change that changed how a players life total is calculated from the teams life total (before, a single players life total was half the team life total, now it is the teams life total). I did play two Serra Angels which was nice, and a Day of Judgement, and Garruk Wildspeaker. I also put in a Mitotic Slime Liz's deck was mainly burn and removal (two Pyroclasms, and two Act of Treasons which was then upped to three after a few rounds). There was the potential for the awesome combo of Act of Treason into Fling, but we never managed to pull it off. 

The first round we played was a very close game, we got down to just a few life, and managed to stabilize with some lifegain. We were probably a turn or two away from loosing, but managed to land a Howling Banshee, loosing a whopping 6 life to each team, allowing us to win the match. 

For the second round I decided to put in a Temple Bell to see if we could get some advantage over the course of the game, unfortunately it didn't turn out too well as we seemed to not draw anything great, while allowing the other team to draw an answer to anything we did play. 

Some more changes to my deck for the third round replaced the Temple Bell again, and putting in the Serra Ascendant. This was a really fun game, with the board changing many times. At one point, I had a Serra Angel, which was killed, then it Rose from my Grave onto the battlefield opposite me, before being killed again. In the end we lost to a Corrupt for our life total, but it was still a fun game. 

In the final round, me and one opponent Mulliganed to six, but me and Liz did manage to get some early damage in, before they stabilized and started to gain control of the board. This was the one game I got to play Mitotic Slime, which was killed, and then the new 2/2's were hit with a Pyroclasm, leaving me with four 1/1's that were less impressive compared to what else was on the board. With not much else in hand, I drew a Garruk, and deliberated with Liz as to what to do. Our initial plan was for for to float a red and a black, then me untap her lands and do it again for a double Pyroclasm to clear to board (she only had one mountain), but then realised she could use an extra one mana to cast a game ending Corrupt as we had got them down to a low life total from some early creatures. 

With two wins and two losses, we won four packs to share between us, and did some pack wars when we got home (I won the first them lost the second once a fifth island hit the battlefield and I was killed by a 5/5 Islandwalker). 

All in all, it was a fun event. We did have a fairly mediocre pool, but still had some fun games with it. I hope to do some drafts with M11 soon to see how the new core set is in drafts. 

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