Monday, 12 July 2010

Archenemy vs Archenemy

Had some spare time this evening, so me and my girlfriend decided to play one one on one Archenemy. We played in the release for it, and got the other two packs that we didn't get at the release, and this was the first time for us to play some of the other decks. 

She opted for the Dragon deck that I played at the release (Its really fun), and I went for the Zombie deck as that looked fun that neither of us had played. All the Scheme cards we own were in one pile so she went through them and took out duplicates so we'd only have singletons of each scheme card while we played. As it was one on one, we shared the scheme deck and took one each every turn. 

We both started on 20 life, and agreed that the first player would still draw a scheme, but not a card for the first turn. 

Game one

I won the dice roll and opted to play first. 

Me - Mortal Flesh is Weak - does nothing, all on the same life, and only one opponent. Play a land. 

Liz - Only Blood Ends Your Nightmares - I have no creature so I discard two lands. Liz gains a life off a land. 

Me - My Crushing Masterstroke - Liz has no nonlands so this does nothing for me (again). Play a land and Rakdos Guildmage. 

Liz - I Delight In Your Convulsions - I Lose 3, she gains 3, and plays a Dragon Fodder

Me - Nature Demands an Offering - She looses a goblin token and a land - Finally I do something almost worthwhile! I swampcycle a Twisted Abomination and play a Rakdos Carnarium

Liz - Look Skyward and Despair - She get a freaking 5/5! I despair. 

Me - Rotted Ones, Lay Siege - Get a 2/2. Not as good as a 5/5 unfortunately. I play another Rakdos Carnarium and some small dudes. 

Liz - Nothing Can Stop Me Now - This prevents one damage to her until she gets dealt five in one turn. Starts beating down with dragon. 

Me - Ignite the Cloneforge - Finally! Something good for me! Copy her dragon token. 

Liz - Which of You Burns Brightest? - For 3, killing all my small creatures

Me - My Wish Is Your Command - I play her Breath of Darigaaz for 1 damage to everything

Liz - I Know All, I See All - All her stuff untaps each turn

Me - Plots That Span Centuries - Hoping for some awesome stuff next turn! I play an Avatar of Discord and discard the two lands in my hand. 

Liz - Your Will Is Not Your Own - She steals my dragon and swings for lots with me on three (well, one after an unmorphed Skirk Maurauder)

Result: Liz wins!

Game Two

Me - Roots of All Evil - I get 5 1/1s, hooray!

Liz - Approach My Molten Realm - Her stuff will do double damage (but she has nothing to do damage with), and gains one life from a land

Me - I call on Ancient Magics - she searches for one card, I search for two. Liz gets Volcanic Fallout (for my1/1s), I get a Vampiric Dragon and Reanimate, play a land and discard the Dragon as I had 8 cards in hand, ready to play the Reanimate on it next turn (Mwahahahaha)

Liz - Introductions Are In Order - She gets to put Ryusei, The Rising Star into play. Gulp. Also plays a signet

Me - Embrace My Diabolic Vision - Everyone shuffles everything, she draws four, I draw seven. This shuffles away my dragon in my graveyard and Reanimate. Nooooooooo! I had 8 cards in hand when this happened (after draw step), so was down a card overall! Play Avatar of Discord discarding Dregescap Zombie and Kaervek the Merciless. 

Liz - Nature Shields its Own - gets a 0/1 blocker whenever I attack. Branching Bolt my Avatar and a Saproling

Me - Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom - I draw four, attack with my remaining four Saprolings to get rid of her ongoing scheme, and play Makeshift Manquin on Kaervek. 

Liz - The Very Soil Shall Shake - Her dudes get +2/+2 until one dies, Attacks for 7/7 dragon, and plays a morph. I cant remember if it has a convernted mana cost or not, decide it probaby doesn't and do no damage from Kaerek. Bah. Still not sure if I should have done damage here or not (wouldn't have made any difference either way really)

Me - Your Fate is Thrice Sealed -Get two land and a Twisted Abomination, which I then play.

Liz - Realms Befitting My Majesty - Searches for two forests. Unmorphs Skirk, targeting Kaervek (manquin counter!) who gets sacrificed. 

Me - Behold the Power of Destruction - Clear board (Ryusei gets my stuff), regenerate abomination, Becon of Unrest on Kaervek - second time he's on the Battlefield. 

Liz - A Display of My Dark Power - Double Mana! Branching Bolt on Abomination (forgot to leave one Black up to regenerate, oops), play a dude. 

Me - Every Hope Shall Vanish - Liz reveals, and discards card that gives one of her creatures  trample, play Zombie Infestation and discard four cards to it (mainly ones that cause me to loose life as I was on one) for two 2/2's

Liz - Into the Earthen Maw - Exile my graveyard and Kaervek. Then plays a freshly drawn fireball for 5 or so (I was on one...)

Result: Liz wins! (Again)

Thoughts on two player Archenemy

Overall, they were quite fun games. The effects were very powerful, and happened to both of us (although her more than me seemingly) so it wasn't a complete stomping either way. The two decks we played are quite fun and put together well, with some interesting interactions. 

The games we played were fairly short, sped up a fair bit by the scheme cards getting some big creatures into play quicker, but if we both started on 40 (like an Archenemy would), games would probably be just as long. 

In summary, the Archenemy scheme cards are fun to play with, even if it is for a one on one game; both players having access to them balances out the devastating effects of the schemes from the other player. 

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