Thursday, 27 May 2010


Its gotten sunny recently. Which is always a good thing as its somewhat rare in Britain. I have even been without a jacket or coat for a few days (although I can't seem to find my jacket currently). Got some ice pops especially, they're really small, but came in large amounts so I usually go through about two at a time (which also means I get twice the flavour, huzzah!).

On the odd occasion I can't be bothered to look outside the window, I found a handy website that tells me, quite plainly, how hot it is [1].

It's been getting slightly less how over a few days, hopefully it will either stay as it is, or go up a little bit again. I was pleased as it was nice on my birthday, yay.

Even though its nice, I think a few people have been complaining about it being too hot. Although I may have seen more complaints about people saying its too hot, rather than people actually complaining it's too hot, but ho-hum. It is a strange phenomenon, probably mainly focused in Britain for some reason, complaining about the weather all the time. Sometimes people complain that its too cold or wet (OK, most the time), and sometimes there are event complaints about it being too hot, even though its actually fairly nice weather. My theory is that it's not so much the weather that people are complaining about, more the rapid way it changes from one to another. Earlier this month there was some hail falling outside my window (might have been last month actually, but it's still pretty close), and last week it started getting really hot during the day, with daylight lasting from 6PM until about 10PM now. With this kind of rapid changes, it can be hard to adapt so quickly to the sudden difference in weather, which is where these complaints come from. There might genuinely be some people who either really don't like it being hot/cold, and complain regardless of the speed of weather change, but I suspect that the rapid changing is the main reason for most complaints.