Friday, 14 May 2010

Blog re-start

Used to write blogs a few years ago on MySpace, the last one apparently being the end of August 2007, right in between the time of the summer after my second year of Uni finishing, and starting placement for a year. I guess I stopped because of a mixture of :
a. working full time meant I had less times to both write blogs and do things to write blogs about, so kept to the doing things without the writing about it
b. more and more people I knew started moving over to Facebook, so I was spending less time on MySpace

Thought I would start again, for no particular reason, looking at posting irregular updates (i.e. whenever I have free time/motivation) about nothing in particular (trying to think if I can make this sentence any more vague). If this is anything like how I used to write, each post will be filled with tangents (mainly in (probably nested) parenthesis), potentially somewhat lengthy, and I may end up arguing with myself, but oh well. As I can't see any smiley face icons in this editor, that it something that will be missing compared with my previous blog posts :( but I'm sure I'll do fine without.

Well, enough of the introduction, I've got about 3 years to try and remember and write down to catch up...

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