Friday, 5 June 2015


We spent the end of May Bank Holiday celebrating birthdays - mine and my Mums, and Kalebs. With the amount of people around the house (and the amount of food and presents going around) it was like a mini-Christmas. 

I had the bouncy castle inflated as we hadn't used it this year and it was now sunny enough. Kaleb convinced Jenny to go on it with him. Evelyn was put in it once, but was not impressed and wanted to come out.

Kaleb also had fun playing in the sand pit. 

With a lot of people there, we had a lot of food, so much that we had to light a second BBQ to get everything cooked. In addition to having lots of them, the burgers were very large ones so had to be done in batches. I was mostly focused on cooking everything, but luckily there were lots of people around to entertain the kids.

I had made some Nutella ice cream for the day, which was very tasty. Very chocolaty, too. 

Liz had made a Dalek cake for my birthday, and all three of me, Mum and Kaleb took turns in blowing out the candles on it. 

Kaleb got lots of presents for his birthday. Chris seems to like getting him something big. The possibility of there not being enough room is apparently "not his problem"... So Kaleb got a box larger than he is to unwrap. 

Turns out this was large because it was large enough for Kaleb to sit in an ride around on. He hasn't really gotten around to figuring out steering and would just drive along the road, hands off the wheel, leaning back (with me and Dad turning the wheel to stop him crashing). 

Evelyn thought it was great and climbed in too. 

Kaleb also got a little scooter, which he enjoys. My bike was being serviced the week after so I was taking my mini scooter into work. Kaleb wanted to take his out too; "I got a scooter like yours Daddy!". 

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