Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nine months on

Just at the end of February, Kaleb turned nine months. He's still happy sitting on his own, and seems to have settled on a commando style crawl as a preferred method of getting around by himself.

His feeding is getting on well; he even stated letting us feed him for a change (he has always wanted to feed himself), although that is mostly for yogurts which he can't pick up with his fingers all that well...

He started going to nursery so Liz can go to work one day during the week and enjoys himself there. We went through all the clothes for the next size up people have brought him and it looks like we have most things we're going to need which is handy. It's currently in a pile in his room ready to replace his current clothes when they start getting small, but as some are still fine now, it'll likely be a gradual replace when things get small.

Liz got him weighed the other week too, a good 8kg, and apparently  about as tall as a one year old so he had to sit on the scales instead on laying as he was too tall.

Recently we went to the baby show again to get more Kaleb related items, notably some items to Kaleb-proof the house, now that he is more mobile...