Saturday, 10 November 2012

Baby Show (this time with added baby)

I took most of a week off work recently, and instead of resting like most people do when they have time off, I was busier than usual. One of the events keeping me busy was going to the Baby Show in London.  Me and Liz had been to the Baby Show earlier in the year, however Liz was "carrying" Kaleb that time as it was before he was born, and this time he came with us (and I did most of the carrying,). 

As the show was in London, we decided against bringing the pram along and opted for one of the slings that we got at the last Baby Show, so Kaleb was facing  outwards looking at everything I could see. We stayed at my Dads the night before and took the tube in with him to Baker Street, where we had breakfast as we were making good time. We then got another tube train along to Earls Court, where the show was. As a surprise change of commuters not interacting with each other, we had a couple of people talking to Kaleb, who was loving the extra attention. 

Upon arrival Liz rushed around some of the stalls she had pre-planned an early visit to as they were giving away free stuff. I waited at the front of the hall with Kaleb until she got back and we planned our strategy for the day. Liz had a couple of talks she wanted to go to, and we agreed that our plan of the last show of going to all the stalls first, then buying things at the end was a good one, so stuck with that. 

This show was a lot bigger than the last one, so it took up longer to get around everything. We also had Kaleb with us, so had to make the occasional stop for a feed or change (the changing area here had people on the door handing out free nappies). One thing we did break our no-buying-until-the-end rule for was for some more "bibbles" (dribble bibs) as Kaleb had managed to sick up over the two we had brought along, so we wanted something a little bit drier for him to be wearing while we were walking around. 

As there were more stalls for the larger show, we saw some that we hadn't seen at the last one (or didn't notice as we didn't have a baby at the time; I'm sure next time we will notice some of the stalls that matter to Kaleb's age at the time). One of the new stalls was for eye research at a London University, which looked interesting so we put our name down for information about that. Upon walking past one stall, one of the people at the stall thought Kaleb was so cute that they gave him a small teddy, and a cuddly sheep. 

After a couple of aisles, Kaleb had decided that being told he was cute by every other stall was thoroughly exhausting, so fell asleep on me. I held my hand up under his chin so his head didn't sway about so much. We went to one of the photography places and were posing for a photo with a sleeping Kaleb, when he decided to wake up, see what was going on, look at the camera for a photo, and go back to sleep again, so we have a lovely photo of me and Liz gazing upon a drowsy looking Kaleb who had woken up 5 seconds ago (and fell asleep 5 seconds later). 

Getting towards the end of the day, we had less time than we would have liked to do our final shopping walk, but we got everything we thought we needed (the bonus of doing everything at the end is anything that we forgot about couldn't have been all that important or we would have remembered it). We also entered Kaleb into the "Face of the Baby Show" competition, and got a cute photo of him for entering. 

We managed to be returning on one of the commuter trains, so stood for a while until the train started to empty and we sat down. 

After we got back from London, we visited my grandparents for a bit before getting a lift home and figuring out where we were going to put all the stuff we had got for the day.