Sunday, 1 July 2012

Department of Redundancy Department

I feel somewhat fortunate that my bank was not one of those affected by recent computer glitch that caused issues to the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest. It did, however, give me pause to consider holding multiple bank accounts again (I used to when I was a student; my old child account and student account), so I am not completely screwed if something happens to my bank. 

I was reading in the Private Eye yesterday that the RBS in the past few years cut a number of technology staff (and off shored some others), and now the major problems they are facing are caused by computer problems. 

I was extra amused when I read that because on the very same day, using a cash machine while out shopping, the RBS branded machine asked for me "PIN Number". I had a look to see if the cash machine I was using was labelled as an ATM Machine (it wasn't)

It would appear that there were no jobs cut at the Department of Redundancy Department... ;-)