Sunday, 24 June 2012

Four weeks

Kaleb is four weeks old today. The time has gone by somewhat quickly, but as I'm awake more, the days have seemed longer (I've mused about perception of time on this blog before). 

It's been a fun time. I get some times to spend with Kaleb when Liz is busy doing something and he's not asleep. At the moment, he's mostly just look around, but its nice to spend some time together. Occasionally he tries to focus on me when I'm facing him; he'll move his eyes or head around to follow if I move my head :-)

We've been sleeping well I think too. Kaleb only wakes up a couple of times during the night for feeding, and it is starting to get into a pattern of feeds, give or take an hour or so. 

I've done a full week back at work now as well, which was fine. I don't think I was particularly more tired than most of the time I am at work anyway, so I think the being woken in the night isn't affecting me too much. I was tired at the end of one day at work, but it was a Monday and I was doing document review,so would have been fairly tired by the end of the day anyway ;-)

Last weekend was Fathers day which was nice, as I had always celebrated it as a Son, not as as Dad, so that was nice. "Kaleb" got me a nice photo frame. We also got a nice photo taken of the four generations - Kaleb, me, my Dad and his Dad.

In all, I'm still having a great time :-D