Friday, 6 April 2012


This weekend is sandwiched between two bank holidays, leaving me with 4 days off in a row. As I have been pretty busy, I hadn't really thought about it, so the extra days off is a nice surprise. 

My problem at the moment is that, as I hadn't thought about the extra days, I haven't got anything planned, so need to think of something to do for the extra two days. 

So far today I have baked a cake, which I might type up into a proper recipe if it tastes nice enough. It seemed to have cooked OK, albeit a bit miss-shaped, but I think that was due to the weird folds in the greaseproof paper lining the tin. 

I think plans for the weekend are really going to involve a dinner with my family on the Sunday, and tidying things around the house with Liz on Saturday, as we've been putting it off for a bit, and we'll both be in the house so able to do it together. I should probably do some hoovering too. Want to make some biscuits later, hopefully I'll gather the effort required to do so (sitting around doing not much takes a lot out of you...). 

That still leaves Monday. Not sure what I'm going to be doing then, so will have to have a think. I guess I have a few days to think, so hopefully I'll figure out something productive I can be doing. Maybe some programming for fun, as I've not done it for fun in a little while (I do it at work so its not like I'm not doing it at all). I could always do more baking, but maybe not too much.