Friday, 13 January 2012

Baby Update (20 week scan)

I had a day off on Tuesday so I could go along to the hospital with Liz for her 20 week scan (yup, she's 20 weeks, so half way through). Luckily, the scan wasn't as early as the last one, so we got what almost resembled a sleep in. 

We got to the hospital on time (despite getting a different bus than last time which went a slightly different route) and went to the scanning reception, which we now knew how to get to and told them we were here. We went to their waiting room (last time we went to the antenatal area) and waited to be called (they were running a bit late). 

I got to sit on the seat next to the bed again. I think I had to twist my neck a bit more than before to see the big TV screen that they had, but probably not by much. 

The sonographer initially started doing all the checks required, which we watched intently. They showed us all it's little hands and everything. It was moving around a bit more than last time, but Liz has been saying she feels it moving sometimes so that was somewhat expected. The check was quite thorough, making sure everything was there (internal organs had grown, bones had formed etc.), and we got a lot of it pointed out which was nice. All the checks were fine, baby is healthy which is great news. 

Once the checks were done, they went to  try and get a nice picture to print out. 

This initially proved difficult. 

The baby had decided to move its head away so, while you could see the body OK, you only really had the back of its head. After some jiggling and Liz rolling over to try and get it to move, we got two different photos (I think they took one photo and printed it, then got a better photo so printed that too). I liked the latter one because, while it has its hand up to its face, it is doesn't cover it as much, so I think you get a slight better view. 

20 week scan
Comparing to the last photo, it has moved around (although I think the last photo was rotated as it was upside down or something), and is laying across Liz (so she knows the difference between it kicking her and punching her...). 

As it is bigger now (about the size of a banana apparently), the photo is clearer too, as the last one was zoomed in a little bit, so slightly blurrier. The head is more in proportion (so it looks less alien like) and I think everything looks a bit clearer. 

So the end of May is coming closer each day, and I'm getting more excited as it does. Next major thing to happen will hopefully be me being able to feel it kicking (so far it's just been Liz feeling something moving inside). We've booked a tour of the hospital (so we know where everything is if/when we go there), but otherwise there are just a few more doctor/midwife appointments further towards the due date to do. There are some other things that we also need to organise, and will hopefully get sorted soon.