Thursday, 24 November 2011


I have somewhat impressed myself with how organised I have been regarding getting xmas presents this year. I think I have brought most of presents I needed to this year, and it's not even December yet...

I had some time off in October so me and Liz went to Milton Keynes and made a decent start at the shopping there. Then a few weeks ago I ordered a load of things online all at once (partially because we were soon to meet some friends so needed to get things then). I got a lot of things all together to save on postage (i.e. to pay postage one time for multiple things), which was particularly useful because one of the packages was from the USA, which has fairly high postage for going across the ocean (customs added on at the end was also a fair bit too, so will have to keep that in mind if I order stuff from there again). 

I got myself a little notepad to jot things down in, starting off because I often get asked what I want for xmas from family members, so had it to write down things I see while shopping to tell people later on. As I only have really used the first page so far, I have the rest of the pages empty to use for something else, so me and Liz noted down the names of everyone we needed to buy a present for this xmas. I think this is what helped the organisation this year, as I have had a few reminders about who I still need to get something for, so it is on my mind if I am wandering around shops. I used my notepad to jot down ideas, and ticked off something if I got it, so I knew what I had brought for who, and who I still needed to buy something for. It was quite a handy thing really, so I really need to remember to bring around the mini notepad for general use, as now I have done most of my xmas shopping, I've left it on my computer desk for a while, which is a shame as it has been quite handy and I'm sure, with more use, it will become more helpful over time.