Friday, 14 October 2011

Innistrad First picks

I opened an interesting looking booster recently. Definatly something that has multiple good cards to consider for a first pick.  

This was the top 7 cards that there was in the pack. 

Slayer of the Wicked - Good as it can destroy a lot of different things, and on a creature 
Moon Heron - Decent flier. Not the best card in the pack, but notable if you want to draft blue
Morkrut Banshee - Decent creature, great removal
Hanweir Watchkeep // Bane of Hanweir - Alright defender, great attacker
Pitchburn Devils - Nice creature, good ability when it dies
Elder of Laurels - Repeatable pump effect 
Geistcatcher's Rig - Flying removal, doesn't commit to a colour. Plus its shiny :D

Of these, I think the top three are Morkrut BansheeHanweir Watchkeep // Bane of Hanweir and Elder of Laurels

Hanweir Watchkeep // Bane of Hanweir is aggressive and worth consideration, but I think the other two edge it slightly. The Morkrut Bansheeand Elder of Laurels split is a lot closer, however. One is conditional removal, and the other is a repeatable effect that could help with removal. I think I would pick  Elder of Laurels, just. The main benefit it has is that its effect is repeatable, albeit not as powerful, which can help with longer games, and Innistrad seems like a slower format. It is also most splashable than the Banshee as it only requires a single coloured mana in the cost, and single coloured mana for the ability. 

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