Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some more MBS first picks

After playing a sealed for fun with Liz, we opened two spare packs I had lying around and picked out what we would take first in a draft (see photo below for the top 3).

The pack I opened (top) had a choice of Blisterstick Shaman, Blightwidow and Viridian Corrupted. Both green cards are very good, but there is the chance that the player the rest of the pack will be passed to will think green is a good choice to go into. The Shaman is powerful and good in a looking for a quick attack, or against a deck with lots of small creatures (so good against lots of infect creatures and man myr (I think it was my first pick in a draft I did online earlier too). I think in this case, I would take the Blighwidow, as it is powerful in any deck, good if trying to kill with infect, and in both an infect and a non-infect deck it is a great blocker. It is also easier to splash than the Corrupter.

In the second (bottom) pack that Liz opened, she picked out Morbid Plunder, Blightwidow and Inkmoth Nexus (her sealed deck was very infect based, which may have been affecting her picks). There was also a Blisterstick Shaman in the pack, but I think the other three are more powerful. As I have said before, Morbid Plunder is very powerful, particularly with good infect cards (I am reminded of groans from opponents after using it to get back a Phyrexian Crusader). My last paragraph has said how much I approve of Blightwidow, however my reasoning for Blightwidow is the same reason for why I would pick the Inkmoth Nexus in this case. It is even easier to splash then the Blightwidow, and performs most of the same functions; a blocked with infect, although it has the bonus of being able to win games on its own with a long, controlling deck, and is great in an infect deck, if you happen to get any more infect creatures (although the other two cards are also very good in infect decks, so you risk signaling the impression that the strategy is open).